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Galvanizing the Craft of Metalcraft

Enduring and essential, fine metalwork has been sought out and highly valued for millennia. Fusing the traditions of metalwork with skillful modern aesthetics, Redsoul has built a reputation for exceptional quality, precise craftsmanship, and inspired designs that remain as timeless as the element they are formed from.

Collaborative Design

Your Vision Beyond Imagination

You know what you want, you can almost reach into the far corner of your imagination and touch it.

Now you need to make it happen. We believe in the power of collaborative design to translate your inspired vision into reality. Together with our design team and master craftsmen we’ll take your ideas, sketches and visions, pore over details, materials, finishes, consult on trends and design for your space to bring your ideas vividly to life in an extraordinary synthesis of fine art and refined function.

International retailers, commercial architects and designers, and studio artists have all discovered Redsoul’s secret for bringing a visionary brand experience to life. Our pride in the mastery of our business and our craft ensure that when you trust us with your brand we will deliver your vision beyond imagination.

Build to Spec

Craftsmanship Worthy of Your Brand

Your Brand

Redsoul can manufacture your entire product line, including fabrication, component coordination, finishing, and assembly, marked with your private label and ready to deliver to your customer.

West Coast Hub

Expand your business, not your footprint with Redsoul as your west coast hub for manufacturing and distribution. Our Seattle-based operation will replicate your designs to the quality standard established by your brand, coordinate custom packaging requirements and arrange delivery to your distribution site.

Custom Components

Your specialty is our opportunity—glass, wood, stone, whatever your medium. If you need metal components to complete your design, Redsoul can advise, engineer, and fabricate to fit your needs.

Commissioned Pieces

Imagining Possibility

Add to your legacy with a one of a kind commissioned piece from Redsoul. Whether you want an exquisite work of art or a standout piece of functional beauty, we can design, engineer, and build it. Collaboratively designed metalwork is our specialty. We are committed to making your creative vision an enduring reality.

We transform ideas into eloquent designs and flawless metalcraft