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Fusing Craftsmanship and Steel
A genuine approach

Visions, drawings, elaborate experiments, modern sculptures and finely-crafted prototypes fill our steel studio. Every day we are energized to create something new and unexpected. The inspired pieces we design and craft will convey strength and endure far beyond.

Traditional materials and metalsmithing techniques merge with visionary methods and a modern design aesthetic. The creativity of our vision transforms raw steel into the spectacular, imaginative, and new. We specialize in collaborative design with the goal of elevating your vision beyond imagination.

Matt Adams, the creative energy at Redsoul, and his team develop new approaches, search out design challenges, and see the world in unique ways. While his vision guides the work, it is his passion, determination, genuineness, and daily inspiration that takes metalsmithing to the Redsoul level of perfection.

Transform your ideas into enduring craft.